Earthbreeze: Why It’s A Hard No

Plastic pollution has always felt to me like a growing issue that could be solved with small, easy lifestyle changes. I was thrilled when I discovered Earthbreeze, a laundry detergent sheet. No plastic, biodegradable packaging, and they claim it cleans as well as the big-name detergents on the market. Sign me up, I thought, and ordered a 60 load supply for $12. What a deal. Or so I thought.

I won’t leave you in suspense. Spoiler: I did not like these detergent sheets or the company. You can probably amass that from the title up there.

My first issue with the company came before I even received the sheets in the mail. I placed my order directly on their website and waited. And waited. And waited. I never got confirmation that my order had shipped. Since we were still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was trying to be patient. I simply contacted the company and said, “Hi, I ordered your detergent sheets and am wondering if it is currently taking over a week to prepare orders? The only email I’ve gotten says it’s “being prepared” so I’m just wondering. Thanks!” My reply? Nothing. Nada. Total radio silence.

Moving on to when I actually receive the product, over two weeks later. I ordered the Fresh Scent and let me just say that I am not sensitive to smells at all, but this was horribly over-scented. I felt like I was walking through a department store perfume department during a sale where all of the employees get a 99% commission. It was strong.

I convinced myself most of the scent would air out once I opened the package and tried them out. It is important to note that I have a husband who works and plays hard, a toddler who is currently being potty-trained, and a baby in diapers so I need my detergent to deliver. This just didn’t.

Sure, it dissolved easily in my HE washing machine, and, no, the clothes didn’t come out smelling as bad as the detergent sheets originally smelled, but nothing was quite clean. I read the FAQ and it states, “1 sheet for 1 full load. For small loads you may cut the sheet in half.” which is exactly what I was doing; one sheet for one full load. I even tried using one-and-a-half sheets. No luck. Our clothes started to smell a little funky and I was noticing more and more stains.

I was simply not impressed. I was even less happy when I realized that I had only received 30 sheets. Remember now, I ordered a pack that was titled “60 loads” but because their website states that “for small loads you may cut the sheet in half” this is what they consider 60 loads. That’s awfully misleading if you ask me.

The final straw came when I contacted the company…again…and told them that I didn’t feel like my clothes were getting clean. They did reply immediately! They replied and gave me a lesson on how to do my laundry. To say I was upset is an understatement. I let the person know that yes, I do know that the detergent should dissolve before adding the clothes, and yes, I am aware that certain fabrics may need to be washed at different temperatures. And then? Nothing again. No reply. Dead air.

It wasn’t until two days later that I got another email, simply asking, “Did you get our email?” to which I replied that I was angry and that I wanted a refund. Their website’s refund policy is “Our return policy is simple. If you don’t love Earth Breeze, we will refund every penny. For 30 days after you purchase, if you have any issues you can simply email us for a FULL refund or replacement.”

So you got your money back Dani, why are you still hating on them? Well, because I didn’t get my money back, at least not a “FULL refund or replacement…every penny” refund. And it was anything but simple.

Most companies with a refund policy like this will simply refund your money. Earthbreeze is stupid different. They ask you to take a survey. This survey asks why you’re switching, who you’re switching to, if you might come back, etc. Then on one day a week, they will refund you through PayPal. I jumped through their hoops for a refund on a Wednesday but they said they send all their refunds out on Tuesdays, so I had to wait a week. But a full refund? No. $10. I paid $12 plus tax and received $10 back on their “FULL refund” promise.

So really, I wouldn’t recommend Earthbreeze to anyone. I don’t like their product and I don’t like that the company doesn’t stand behind their promises. I’m, once again, on the hunt for an eco-friendly laundry detergent—but this time, one that doesn’t suck.